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Verotika is. and just that. But here are 'facts' and etc. She is not black or white, only grays in varying shades. Her only religion is both all and none of the above. She was born bisexual. She can be a bitch. Or just direct, if you want to look at it that way. Her sense of humor is as dry as a vulture-picked bone. She can be sappy and romantic...always crying during movies. Her 'pet peeves': People who are late; people who call before noon; not recycling everything. She can cook, usually it's Greek or Italian. She lives in Northridge, CA, with a sweet roomie named Mikella. and we are going to get a kitty soon! She is currently in a relationship with a wonderful man named Jess. She is currently enrolled at UCLA (major:Cultural Anthropology, focus:History/Religion). In her free time at night...she enjoys clubs and dancing till dawn, then going to Denny's and limping home. On her days off, she likes to see friends. or go thrift-store shopping for clothes. or go to live-music shows. or paint portraits on canvas. or compose folk music on acoustic guitar.

Visit her site here.
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Pictures are used with permission from: GothicSluts.com and Barely Evil