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Hell-O, I'm Anastasia. I've been into the adult industry now for about 4 years. I started out making hard-core amateur gothic porn & then began amateur fetish modeling. I enjoy keeping up my web site which contains a few different fetishes, 1000's of pics & much more, updated weekly. I love making videos, modeling for bands, businesses, & record labels. I collect bones, skulls & taxidermed animals, I have a taxidermy cert. & plan on being a taxidermist "when I grow up" hehehe......I also collect horror memorabilia, action figures, I love playing video games/ pinball, listening to music such as gothabilly, horror punk, 50's, psychobilly, industrial, new wave & more. I also like to DJ this kind of music & make music. I have a great sense of humor & enjoy life in general.:)

Visit her site here.
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