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Morrigan Hel
I'm a mixture of Scottish, welsh and English as far as I know. I've been fascinated with the dark and arcane from an early age, which led to an avid interest in Astrology and Mythology, among other things, especially Celtic and Norse, which is where Morrigan hel originated. My other passions include Erotica, Fantasy swords/knives/armour (which I'm currently building up quite a collection), Taxidermy (especially horned skulls), Comic book women (Purgatori and Vampirella!), Corsets/rubber/leather outfits (my fave designers at the moment are inner sanctum), Extremely high-heeled boots and shoes, Horror/cult/gothic/vampire films (a company of wolves, Rosemary's baby, Hellraiser, Angel heart, most of Russ Meyer's films etc) Books and graphic novels (sandman, slaine, apocolypse culture, liber chaos, Lavey's work, Freya Asswyn's work, etc) Alternative/metal/50's music . . . This list could go on forever, so I'd better finish it here. I do have a tendency to get a tad carried away! I have three cats; Tasker, Hella and Mogatherion, I also have plans to get my hands on a snake in the near future.

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Pictures are used with permission from: GothicSluts.com