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Isabella@Home is a LIVE hard-core erotic work-in-progress that i've been working on for 4 years. the site is centered around my live erotic performances that are typically around 1 and 1/2 hours long and may be me alone or with a friend (or 2)... my site is an ongoing experience that is designed to make u think and excite u on every level. the live shows are a major way i express myself but simply a single dimension of the site itself. while my erotic performances are considered XXX in most circles, let me assure that this isn't about making money simply showing my body to strangers, it is about pushing my own very real erotic boundaries to a level that is just on the other side of comfortable... it is about searching for those things that make me feel out of control, sexual, and exposed... it is also about creating live, truly interactive and progressive erotic art that is intended to make you rethink the concept of "porn"... my shows are very explicit and leave nothing to the imagination in that regard so they are not for the weak hearted... this is NOT a "tease" site, it is the real thing... don't misunderstand my artistic approach to erotica, i believe erotic art should stimulate u physically as well as mentally if it is "good" erotic art... Isabella@Home is an oasis on the Net where people who think alike can always come for some new head candy, nekkid bodies, and psychoeroticism to boot.... ;)
Visit her site here.
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