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 - Ivy Lynn Vater
 - Dana Dark

We would love it if you submit yourself or a loved one (with his or her permission) to be a Spooky Hottie of the Week! Please e-mail one to four pictures of yourself to webmaster@spookylinks.com along with the link to your homepage or other site which is important to you. If possible, please include a banner for your site. A 468 by 60 pixel standard sized banner is ideal but not required. If you feel like telling the world a couple of things about yourself, please include that too i.e. your favorite places on the web, where you deejay, the name of your band, why you dye your hair, where you are from, your sign, your measurements, your favorite books or bands, etc. If you feel like showing the world cool pix of yourself and can't think of anything else you want to share, that is fine too. Spooky Hotties may be male, female, or in transition. Must be good-looking, cool, and counterculture-identified. If selected, we will send you a groovy award button for you to put on your site. In order to be considered, please already be part of the Spooky Links family by linking to some portion of this site. It can be any page you wish to link to, but you need to have a link to Spooky Links somewhere on your site. Please check out the Links submission page and the topsites submission page and the cam portal submission page for all your site promo needs. Thanks!

--Amelia G & Forrest Black