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Lydia "Ivy" West
I grew up in the San Francisco bay area... I love San Francisco ... I listen to all sorts of music... everything from Sinatra to Wumpscut... I danced competetively for 10 years.. tap jazz ballet... I have a horse so I am forever out at the barn.. a dog named Trouble and a cat called Havoc.. I have nine piercings (no I don't count ears, not even the tregis or however you spell it)... Latex, knives, blindfolds and firefighters make me hot... I HATE ball gags... :0P... Boxers not briefs.. no I don't pee in the shower... Drinks of choice are red wine and whiskey NOT in combination... fav color is red... I have enough shoes to give Imelda Marcos a run for her money.. I read obsessively...

Visit her site here.
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Pictures are used with permission from: Gothic Sluts and Hogtied