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I graduated with a degree in Biology, concentration was Microbiology and minor in Chemistry. I live in the bay area California fairly close to San Francisco. I was working in the field of molecular biology doing research, but have switched jobs since and now I am a chemist doing research and quality control. Not a big jump since I still use my molecular and immunology background. As long as a job keeps me busy and thinking, I am happy. There are some people that are content doing nothing at work, but that just makes time go by that much slower.
Age: 27
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Unnatural colors :-)
Lefty or righty: Left handed
Pets: Box Turtle
11 Things That Turn Me On: - Long Hair - Professional Attire - Independence and Confidence. But not to the point of snooty. - Men's Cologne - A Deep Voice - Vinyl - Very Tall Men - Freckles. Some people wear them well. - A Great Smile - Artistic Talent - Beautiful Eyes
Visit her site here.
Kinky Kitty Cumming
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