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Morphine Baby
stuff i do: listen to music, shop, take trips (new york), promote for into darkness, mindlessly browse through websites, watch the sun rise every morning when i can't sleep, keep lemons in my room till they rot, hide, play make-believe, laugh at things no one else finds funny, poke at anything mooshy

stuff that interests me: broken glass, my dog brandy, maya, malls, song lyrics, floof, snowstorms, beauty, stars (real ones), flowers, black & white photographs, chaos, make-up, money, pretty eyebrows, shiny pennies, life, death, existence, euphoria, collar bones, wishes, permanent markers, puppies, mooshy things, canada, winter, wrists, wrist modifications (tattoos, piercings, scars), stick figures, produce, lemons

good smells: gasoline, roses, tommy girl, unscented dove soap, palmolive

celebrities i'm in awe of: david usher, madonna, joseph gordon-levitt, christina ricci, edward norton, brad pitt

good movies: romeo + juliet, the virgin suicides, fight club, requiem for a dream, good will hunting, clueless, carrie, the crow, the basketball diaries, pi, seven, 200 cigarettes, stigmata, memento, better off dead

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Morphine Baby
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