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I grew up in paradisiacal Hawaii where life sometimes lived up to its reputation. Always into arts, crafts, and creating never-ending "art projects", I always knew I wanted to do something artistic for a living and although it's not the easiest path, it's definitely the most fulfilling and rewarding. I am able to surpass my sexual and artistic boundaries every day and it really is exhilarating. I'm a Libra. I now live in Los Angeles, CA. I know San Francisco, CA way better than LA. Love all that is. Have to travel as much as I can (even if it's just to the 7-11). Have a penchant towards cheesiness in all forms (teen TV shows, scary ass rock music, toys) Dislike people that are "above" me and condemn me for liking what I do. Love Magic Shell and all ice cream. Am contemplating the simplicity of living in the Caribbean. Suck at team sports. Love platform shoes, nail polish & crazy colored eyeshadows. My drink of choice is the Grasshopper (ask your grandma). Love anything that is open 24 hours a day. Knowing something is always there is such a comfort. Need to dye my hair a more interesting color. It used to always be red but that fades so fast and turns orange. It's been purple and pink, but it's just never bright enough.

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