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SpookyLinks Web Cams Description

Rank: 41 In: 5 Out: 2906 Prev: NA
Description: Sweet 18yo Asian QT

Turn Ons: cuddling

Turn Offs:

Rank: 42 In: 3 Out: 3300 Prev: 85
Description: my personal website - yum!

Turn Ons: geeks, computers, cyborgs

Turn Offs: stupidity, lies, ugliness

Rank: 43 In: 3 Out: 744 Prev: 315
Description: The Ultra Disco Superfly

Turn Ons: Horror Genre, Lynrd Synrd, Foghat, '78 Firebirds, and disco

Turn Offs:

Rank: 44 In: 2 Out: 1084 Prev: 280
Description: 17, short-haired cynic, nice ass, cute and cuddly, open-minded artistic bisexual, valley girl intellentsia

Turn Ons: b movies, cult fiction, eating paste, FARK, kung fu, loud music, marvel comics, microwave burritos, prehensile tails, Troma

Turn Offs: ignorance, stupidity, closed minds, hatred, emo, excessive body hair, bad teeth, pretension, "geek rock", reality tv

Rank: 45 In: 2 Out: 262 Prev: 260
Description: cam goddess okay WHORE! who is sometimes okay almost always......NAKED

Turn Ons: people who like to spy and wank to FAN CLUB.. DILDOS!

Turn Offs: People who dont spy and wank to me! <g>

Rank: 46 In: 2 Out: 252 Prev: 154
Description: Angst is funny

Turn Ons: vanity fair

Turn Offs: cruel vanity

Rank: 47 In: 2 Out: 88 Prev: 294
Description: another girl another cam

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

Rank: 48 In: 1 Out: 693 Prev: NA
Description: just a girl with webcam

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

Rank: 49 In: 1 Out: 1318 Prev: 241
Description: naked and sex?

Turn Ons: nakedness

Turn Offs: im always turned on

Rank: 50 In: 1 Out: 181 Prev: NA
Description: The ramblings of pure nonsense and Vanity!

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

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